Reinforcing Science Education through Music, Song, and Animation
Photo of Lynda Valanzano, B.S.

Lynda holds a B.S. Degree in Biology from St. Francis College, NY and has a broad range of experience in the Education industry.  She taught Science at St. Francis College for four years was an Adjunct Professor at NYU and Rutgers University, she also taught Biology for the NYC Department of Education at the high school level.  Many of Lynda’s students have gone on to top colleges, professional programs, Ivy League colleges and medical schools. One of her greatest achievements was raising the passing rate on the NYS Regent’s Living Environment Exam by 10% in an urban high school.

In addition to student education, Lynda participated in teacher training and created several series of workshops for the NYC Department of Education. She has been a consultant on textbooks, review series and study guides - in addition to writing study lessons for the prep giant Kaplan.

Lynda is enthusiastic and passionate about learning; she currently works in educational marketing and has worked with over a dozen agenicies and hundreds of schools. She welcomes anyone with questions or in need of teaching solutions to contact her on LinkedIn.