Reinforcing Science Education through Music, Song, and Animation
Photo of Christina Riley, B.F.A. Storyboard Artist/Illustrator/Animator

Christina is an animator, designer, illustrator, storyboard artist, compositor and an award-winning sculptor and painter. She is the Owner and Operator of PozziToons LLC, an Animation & Design Studio based on Long Island, NY. 

Christina  graduated in 2005 from the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York City with a B.F.A. in Traditional Animation. and has worked on numerous projects for television, web series, commercials, music videos, web ads, children's books, DVD's and documentaries since that time. Her duties included everything from Traditional Animation, Design, Illustration, Storyboarding, Flash Animation, After Effects compositing, web designing and much more.

Christina enjoys studying new techniques and creating all types of arts and crafts. She especially enjoys painting, re-sculpting and customizing model horses into more realistic creations, some of which are no bigger than a quarter! Her customized sculptures then go on to compete in Model Horse Shows and contests or become part of a collection.

Christina combines her passion for the arts with her interest in science and creates accurate and exciting videos for BioL-O-Gee R.A.P.™

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