Reinforcing Science Education through Music, Song, and Animation

The Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™ team is comprised of highly accomplished professionals in the fields of education, allied health, agronomy, music production, audio engineering, performing arts, visual arts, and graphic design.

Janet L. McDonald, MS, RD

Janet's credentials, clinical background, teaching skills, and writing ability enable her to create science-based videos which are unique, fun, and factual.

Arty Skye

An extraordinay composer who combines his passion for music with his passion for science to create original, contemporary musical compositions for us.

Carolee Goodgold

Carolee’s beautiful voice, flawless enunciation, and infectious enthusiasm make her the perfect vocalist for Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™. 

Russ Velazquez

No matter what genre he is singing, Russ has an amazing ability to transform a lyric, make it exciting, and bring it to life!  

Kirsten Lepore, M.F.A.

Kirsten's keen eye for detail enables her to bring complex processes to life that's realistic yet entertaining!

Christina Riley, B.F.A.

Christina combines her passion for the arts with her interest in science and creates accurate and exciting videos for Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™.

Darcy Vorhees, B.F.A.

An entrepreneurial animator, illustrator, and designer, Darcy's work is infused with humor, emotion, and imagination.

Kelly-Ann Krawchuk, M.A.

Kelly is a dynamic administrator who oversees every aspect of our videos from inception to completion.

Dayna Gonzalez, B.F.A.

Dayna is an award-winning Animator and Designer with extensive experience in producing creative content for television, film, and the internet.

Jackie Navarro
Jackie Navarro

Aside from her creative interests, Jackie is also passionate about science and learning.

Mina Lebitz, M.S.

Mina holds an M.S. degree in Nutritional Biochemistry and a B.S. degree in Biology.

Ken Kurkoski, M.S., M.A.T.

Ken holds a B.A. in Biology, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and an MS in Managerial Technology.

kathleen nolan
Kathleen A. Nolan, Ph.D.

Dr. Nolan holds a Ph.D., an M.A. degree, and a B.S. degree.

peter park
Peter J. Park, Ph.D.

Dr. Peter J. Park is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology and Chemistry at Nyack College in New York.

tracy de marco
Tracy DeMarco, M.S.

Tracy holds an M.S. degree in Molecular Biology, a B.S. degree in Biology, and a B.S. degree in Secondary Biology Education.

lynda valanzano
Lynda Valanzano, B.S.

Lynda holds a B.S. Degree in Biology and has a broad range of experience in the Education industry. 

irina ellison
Irina Ellison, Ph.D.

Dr. Ellison holds a Ph.D. in Pathology from New York Medical College and a B.A. in Biology from Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Carmen Magro
Carmen Magro, B.S., MBA

Carmen holds a B.S. degree in Agronomy/Turfgrass Science and an MBA in Project Management with Ag Business focus.