Reinforcing Science Education through Music, Song, and Animation

Animated Biology Music Videos

Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™ is a series of fun and informative animated music videos for high school and higher ed students.

Each video summarizes a lesson presented in class; the rhyming lyrics, catchy beats, and vivid animations provide a powerful way for students to review and recall scientific terms and processes learned in class.

The videos are supplementary teaching tools which should be used in conjunction with classroom teachings, online instruction, textbooks, and/or review books.


Describes the role(s) of the typical organelles and cell parts found in a eukaryotic animal cell.
See how the heart pumps blood through pulmonary and systemic circulation and transports nutrients, oxygen and carbon dioxide to their destinations
Powerful way to review and recall the anatomical figure, anatomical position, directional terms and body planes when referencing the human body.
Describes how blood courses through the human circulatory system, transporting nutrients, gases, and wastes to their destinations.
Describes ingestion, mechanical digestion, chemical digestion and egestion in a fun and memorable way.
Explains the structure and functions of the human respiratory system as air travels in and out of the respiratory tract during one breathing cycle.
Explains how a green plant uses solar energy, water, chlorophyll, and enzymes to produce the compounds that power the light-dependent reactions.
Rhyming lyrics, catchy beats and vivid animations describe carbon fixation, PGA reduction, and RuBP regeneration in a dynamic, memorable way.