Reinforcing Science Education through Music, Song, and Animation


Basic Questions and Answers

What is Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™?

Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™ is a series of animated music videos for high school and higher ed students but enjoyable for students of all ages. Each video helps reinforce the science taught in school. The Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™ videos provide a multisensory approach to teaching and learning and can be easily incorporated into lectures.

What is multisensory learning?

Multisensory learning is a type of learning that utilizes two or more senses within the same activity. We learn through our senses, the more senses we use while studying the better we learn.

How does Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™ support multisensory learning?

The Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™ videos provide more than one way to learn concepts. The rhyming lyrics, catchy beats, and vivid animations actively engage students and enhance the learning experience.

Are the Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™ videos instructional lessons?

No, the Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™ videos are supplementary teaching tools which should be used in conjunction with classroom teachings, online teachings, textbooks and/or review books.

Science Questions and Answers

When I'm watching videos about the human body, why does the left side of the body appear on the right side of my computer screen and vice-versa?

Videos about the human body take place inside the anatomical figure, the standard reference figure that is used in science to depict anatomical structures and locations. In the standard anatomical position the anatomical figure is facing forward, the feet are on the floor slightly apart, the arms hang downward near its sides, the hands are open and the palms face forward. When viewing the figure from the front the left side of the figure is your right side and the right side of the figure is your left side. Variations of the standard anatomical position are used in the Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™ videos to create emphasis and/or to simplify complicated processes.

Are illustrations of the body and plant drawn in actual size?

No, the illustrations in the videos are not drawn to scale. Locations and sizes of structures have been modified or exaggerated to create emphasis and/or to simplify complex processes.

Are biological processes and mechanisms in actual time?

No, the biological processes and mechanisms shown in the videos do not occur at the same rate in the human body or in the plant as they do in the videos.

How do I purchase Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.™ products?

The Biol-O-Gee R.A.P.TM video and audio files can be purchased by going to the "Shop" area of this website for either Video or Audio files. 

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